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Tens of thousands of 3D objects, but that´s not the point...

Imagine any 3D object. Done? It is nearly 100% sure you wil find it our offer. There is no problem to get a pen, lanyard or other products every client wants and, additionally, for a great price. Today, the main key to success is suitable selection which attracts. By no means we want you to choose from a pile of catalogues. We ask our clients about their needs and then provide them with easily comparable alternatives. We´ve declared war on decision paralysis

  • 1/ Together we will solve the problem which usually consists not in the choice between a key ring and a pen but in how to attract.
  • 2/ We found the problem therefore we offer a solution - price quotation.
  • 3/ It looks great on the screen, let´s check it out and order samples.
  • 4/ We are starting the production and deliver, on average, within 10 days.

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In few steps we will together find out what we can do for you and thus give your brand a new face.


Come and see our workplace

Table football or coffee?!

We are our clients sidekicks so don´t expect us to wear starched shirts or forced smiles. If you stop by our Showroom in Prague, you can make the meeting pleasant by table football or excellent Brazilian coffee. We want to enjoy our work and we believe that our clients enjoy it with us.

Where to find us

20 years of drill

Thousands of successful orders in which we made hundreds of thousands of 3D objects. What does it mean for you? If you are either more or less experienced buyer, marketing manager, or assistant manager, you will appreciate that whatever you consult with us we have most likely successfully dealt with in the past. It is your first ride, whereas for us it is a well known terrain. We work as a team and we share all our positive and negative experience with one another to ensure our common continuous development.

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Our clients experiences

  • 20 years of experience

    20 years of experience

    We are not rookies

  • Showroom in Prague

    Showroom in Prague

    Come and see how we work

  • We are fast in delivery

    We are fast in delivery

    We have our own machines and production

  • Tailor-made production

    Tailor-made production

    Tailor-made textile is our pride

  • Global production

    Global production

    Only tried and tested suppliers

  • Czech and Slovak republic

    Czech and Slovak republic

    Meet us in person

Company certification

We care who we work with. That is why we hold a large number of certifications. Here some examples.

Certifikát - confiance Certifikát - PSI Certifikát - sedex Certifikát - fsc Certifikát - FairWear Foundation Certifikát - pefc Certifikát - sreepur