Pressed textile

Heart for Valentine's Day, tree for Christmas

It is not a printing technology but an interesting way of presenting your promotional textile. We will take finished company textile and put it into a special machine which will make a required shape of it. It is most frequently used for printed T-shirts, terrycloth, children textile and other similar kinds of textile which are easy to fold.

  • 1/ Clients will remember you
  • 2/ Huge number of shapes
  • 3/ Unique technology
  • 4/ Form of presentation, not printing

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Your client or business partner will put the pressed textile into water where it will regain its original size and shape.

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We have a very well-equipped sample room and we will be pleased to welcome you personally there and show you more than 2000 pieces of custom-made promotional textile and objects. You can try everything out and thus get a better picture of your end product.

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