How to choose the right printing or embroidery technology?

We have a simple answer – contact us and we will help you. Be 99% sure that we have already done what you are asking for. Take advantage of us paving the way.

If you still want to learn in detail about all the technologies we offer, see the list below. We are not going to bore you with technical details so let´s get to the point. It is quality printing and embroidery what makes an ordinary T-shirt (towel, sweatshirt…) different from what brings you new customers and make your business partners happy.

Digital printingScreen printingEmbroidery and appliqueSublimated appliqueTransferFlex and flock printingLittle stonesSpecialPressed textile

Digital printing

Digital printing

Printing from 1 piece for a pleasant price without additional works, high quality, fast delivery and limitless colours, these are the main advantages.

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Screen printing

Screen printing

Quality and durability, that´s screen printing. It is not just surface printing but the paint is pressed straight into the structure of textile.

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Embroidery and applique

Embroidery and applique

Do you want your logo to look more opulent than when it is printed? Give it the right punch by using embroidery and applique.

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Sublimated applique

Sublimated applique

Technique for both fullprinting and partial printing of textile with polyester fibres – print becomes an integral part of textile.

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Technique similar to fullprinting with the difference being a transfer paper used as an intermediate step (used in situations in which screen printing cannot be...

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Flex and flock printing

Flex and flock printing

Cut out and iron, over and over again. With the result once being flexible, another time velvety.

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Little stones

Little stones

Decorate your textile by sticking little shiny stones and get a proper glamour style.

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Printing effect on textile consists in a special application of your logo on different kinds of textile. Discover all the possibilities.

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Pressed textile

Pressed textile

We will press a T-shirt into one of the selected shapes – from heart over bottle to your own design.

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