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We are Attack Promotion

We manufacture and provide promotional items and clothing for companies.
We are not a classic catalog agency and we are sure that we will never be others. We provide our customers with an end-to-end service and a personal marketing service – we take care of their well-being and the certainty that everything will be done in comfort and on time.

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Buďte v obraze o nejnovějších trendech a hitech v reklamním světě.

Možná se o dozvíte odpověď na tajemství vesmíru, života a vůbec!

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Are you looking for inspiration? Or just after those years, you don't know what to choose as a gift for your partners? We will help you with ideas, graphics and the whole concept of promotional items.
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For more than 21 years, more than 9,000 customers have joined forces in the market. Join us too!


  • Replacement Fulfillment for 2023

    7. 11. 2023

    When you hear about replacement fulfillment, many managers start to feel their pulse quicken. Quotas, bureaucracy, more administration – all of this can be a nightmare. Yet, it can also be an opportunity to show that the company has its heart in the right place and at the same time...


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  • Deck chair lay back

    9. 8. 2017

    Today, almost everyone in the company has couches, otomany and sitting bags. But such deck chairs, where one can shout for a while, stretch out after lunch or, for example, show the brand to clients in style, are just not visible. So why not give style and not belong to...


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