Ikona - Textile custom manufacturing

Textile custom manufacturing

Do you have your own idea about your company textile? You don´t need to content yourself with what others have. For 20 years, our company has specialized in custom manufacturing of promotional textile. We´ve already helped hundreds of companies get their unique visual identity. Promotional textile plays a significant role in making a first impression on your clients and business partners. Custom manufacturing is no longer reserved only for the biggest companies, but it is increasingly more available also for the smaller ones.

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Ikona - Textile catalogue

Textile catalogue

Choose from 15 categories of textile for promotional printing and embroidering. In each category, you can find dozens of pieces of quality clothing from tried and tested brands. While selecting textile for promotional printing and emroidering, we focus on fitting cut and comfortable materials. We cooperate with brands such as SOL´S, Fruit of the Loom, Slazenger, Lambeste, etc. If you require a specific brand, we will make the order there.

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