Custom manufacturing

For those who don´t follow the crowd

It is probably no problem to imagine what custom manufacturing is. The main question is why to ask for it. The answer? Difference. Everybody who doesn´t want to be a little grey mouse of the market feels that the best way of promoting their brand is something new, fresh, interesting – something that underlines the true essence and soul of their company. Easy to say, harder to do, though. Lots of companies want to set the trend and be very successful, however, only few of them really know how to do it. In our field, it is a very demanding task for our marketers and buyers. Our aim is to support them – every day we read about news, trends and crazy things. Let us inspire you no matter what you need – branded pens, snack boxes or deckchairs for a festival. Imagination has no limits.

  • 1/ Making an idea clear and choosing an object and design
  • 2/ Making samples and finalising the product
  • 3/ Production itself
  • 4/ Do you need a certification for the product? Don´t worry, we can take of it.

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No limits

When a catalogue is not enough

With 20 years of experience, we know that new things and blockbusters are availbale for everybody. A certain percentage of clients wants the latest stuff but, eventually, they end up choosing tried and tested quality. Why invetnt a bike when it has already been done. Are catalogue objects ok for you but, still, want to have your own graphics, allprint or other details? Our custom manufacturing is the solution.

Where to find us

Do you want to see individual products and their quality?

As one of few, we have a very well-equipped sample room and we will be pleased to welcome you personally there and show you more than 2000 pieces of custom made promotional textile and objects. You can try everything out and thus get a better picture of your end product.

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Our clients experiences

  • 20 years of experience

    20 years of experience

    We are not rookies

  • Showroom in Prague

    Showroom in Prague

    Come and see how we work

  • We are fast in delivery

    We are fast in delivery

    We have our own machines and production

  • Tailor-made production

    Tailor-made production

    Tailor-made textile is our pride

  • Global production

    Global production

    Only tried and tested suppliers

  • Czech and Slovak republic

    Czech and Slovak republic

    Meet us in person

Company certification

We care who we work with. That is why we hold a large number of certifications. Here some examples.

Certifikát - confiance Certifikát - PSI Certifikát - sedex Certifikát - fsc Certifikát - FairWear Foundation Certifikát - pefc Certifikát - sreepur