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,,We understand, arrange, store, deliver and what other service can we offer...?"

The difference we bet on is our approach to the customers and their orders. These orders are based on their more or less clear ideas and wishes. It is possible to play creatively with them, but the moment they are produced, everything must work like a charm. There is no time for looking for a server. Somebody needs to know where everything can be stored and dispatched. We are experts on this, too.

  • 1/ Each marketing department produces, stores and sends "something"
  • 2/ Therefore,we gradually expanded ourservices
  • 3/ From production to complex care of our clients
  • 4/ Always polite, cool and result oriented

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Ordering and reporting

Everything in one place, well arranged and clear. With this target, we created for our regular clients electronic order system where they can not only order what they need, but also access all necessary overviews and statistics. We do not only have one e-store, but full range and in more languages.

Preparation before printing

It is not possible to succeed without preparation and it is even more true for printing. That´s why we pay full attention to DTP break point, reviews and folding. We consult renowned partners in case we cannot do something. Approval process is always tailor made for our clients (incl. multilevel approvals) so as to be helpful, not an obstacle. Yes, we are all afraid of mistakes, but that´s why we do all we can to minimalize the possibility of their appearance.

Printing and production

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Warehouse and logistics

We rent storage facilities in Říčany near Prague. Due to our long-term cooperation with the logistic centre, we have all necessary premises, starting with sufficient number of pallet spaces and ending with professional warehouse management. Standard is a detailed overview of all stock items based on labelling and bar codes. Their scanning makes dispatching easier and faster.

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