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We have been operating in the field of merchandise for over 20 years. Our experienced production team will provide a complete solution for you to finally let your brand make money. Tell us your idea and leave the rest to us. We can work with experienced designers to create products, who will ensure the right “fashion feeling”. We invent products, make samples and after approval you don’t care about anything. If you want, we will provide sales, logistics and after-sales service.

Who is merchandise suitable for?

Answer 3 questions:

  • 1/ Am I an individual or a company?
  • 2/ How much influence do I have as an influencer / brand (company)?
  • 3/ How and where will you sell your products?

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How did you answer?

The first answer is purely informative, today both huge corporations (Coca Cola) and bloggers who write about dogs make money on merchi. So it works both ways.

The second answer is crucial. Try a few simple calculations. Theoretically, you have 100 loyal fans. You make a T-shirt with your brand, 30 of them say they like the T-shirt, 10 of them say they would order it, 5 of them will do it and 1 of them will complete the order. Expect 1% of your fans to make a purchase. Then deduct the costs from the product and calculate what you have left. We recommend a fan base of at least 30,000 to 50,000 fans.

The third answer is no longer so crucial. If you have a place to sell, then great. We make, you sell. If you don’t … we can help.

Connection with

The brand (our sister company) has been cooperating with interesting brands or influencers for a long time. We completely provided merchandise for ViralBrothers, the largest Czech YouTube channel. Through our parent agency, we procure one of the most important music publishers. We produced merchandise from a Czech brand that broke the Internet. Our production department has more than 40,000 orders around and around. That’s why we are looking for someone who would like to differentiate their brand and show that they want to make quality products. If we find someone like that, we can agree that it will become part of the e-shop. This will give you promotion on the established e-shop, free hands for your creation and receipt of funds.

Merch for a good cause

In 2021, we also came up with the Merch project for a good cause with our sister company. With this project, we support non-profit organizations, foundations or, for example, individuals who need to obtain funding. The model is very similar to commercial projects, so we will help with the production and design of products, e-shop and logistics. In addition, we work with infulencers and agencies that can help with promotion. If you are interested, please contact us.

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