Creative department

  • Soft toy LAH HERO

    A custom-made teddy bear, which we made on the basis just only one photograph.

  • Deck chairs - HIT

    We processed one of this year's hits for Pepsi. They are handmade wooden deck chairs made of quality materials. Their being is suitable for swimming pools, events and winter resorts.

  • Tailor made management shirt

    We designed and manufactured quality custom "made to measure" shirts for the widest network of building materials in the Czech Republic.

  • Soft toys

    For an unnamed client, we made a baby stuffed animal to order.

  • USB Flash drives

    Linet is one of the world's most famous companies in the field of medical and nursing beds and mattresses. Among other things, we carried out custom production of USB flash drives for this company

  • Polo shirts

    For the company Heineken and its brand Krušovice we have created a new collection for pubs on the occasion of "Lager cold hops"

,,Surprise me, we want to be different, we are unique, ..."

There´s no doubt that in promotional items we can still find evergreens which do not have much in common with the word creativity, but, yet, are functional.  A pen with a logo, a cheap promotional T-shirt wit a company´s slogan, or a lanyard in company´s colours. These are things which always work, aren´t they? A safe bet.

Possibly, but…

Times have changed

20 years ago promotional items and giveaways were mainly connected with big players. They bought cheap and in large quantities. Perhaps everybody used to have a T-shirt with a car logo or a pen with a logo of a bank. We also remember that the T-shirt ended up in dad´s garage ready to wipe dirt and the pens, at best, as a blowpen. It was good enough for that time, the market wasn´t that saturated and when the logo was on something useful for us it must have meant that the company was highly suitable for “investment” of our money in its products.

How is it different today? It is not a simple question, but let´s take a look at the car, financial or consumer goods markets. While deciding for buying anything, we can be sure to have at least five quality alternatives to choose from. And here consumers lose and win at the same time. They lose because decision-making is hell. On the other hand, they win because companies compete in offering better services, support and gifts.

Creativity is just a word

Now we are getting to the central point. Creativity. Just a word for lots of people, but for us it is something which helps us provide services that will make you stand out. There is no point in writing how we can do it. Each client is unique and therefore we look for differences in details. For somebody we come up with and design a whole textile collection, for another company we create a whole concept of gifts for clients.

  • 1/ Identification of your main differences
  • 2/ Preselection of possible "custom vs. catalogue" manufacturing
  • 3/ We make an offer with graphic designers and product suppliers
  • 4/ Start of sampling and production

From idea over graphics to product

Do you want to come up with gifts for clients, new textile collection or just nice graphics? Contact us, we are not afraid of creativity. Where others are afraid of work we feel like a fish in water. We have a wide range of suppliers and graphic designers we cooperate with. With us, everybody can be sure that we create products from A to Z. From idea over graphics to production itself. Tell us your idea and we will create something which will make you stand out.

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    20 years of experience

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    Tailor-made production

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Company certification

We care who we work with. That is why we hold a large number of certifications. Here some examples.

Certifikát - confiance Certifikát - PSI Certifikát - sedex Certifikát - fsc Certifikát - FairWear Foundation Certifikát - pefc Certifikát - sreepur