Replacement Fulfillment for 2023

7. 11. 2023 Tipy

When you hear about replacement fulfillment, many managers start to feel their pulse quicken. Quotas, bureaucracy, more administration – all of this can be a nightmare. Yet, it can also be an opportunity to show that the company has its heart in the right place and at the same time refresh the company wardrobe with something snazzy.

What actually is replacement fulfillment?

Put simply, companies with more than 25 employees are required to employ persons with disabilities at a rate of 4% of their total number of employees in Czechia and 3,2 % in Slovakia. If that’s not possible, they can ‘work off’ this obligation by purchasing products or services from companies where more than 50% of the employees have disabilities. If that doesn’t happen either, the last option is a financial levy to the state. The amount of the state levy for 1 disabled employee in the mandatory share is 2.5 times the average monthly wage for 2023.

Yes, there are multiple ways to approach replacement fulfillment. Direct employment of persons with disabilities is one of them, but there’s also the alternative – a levy to the state, which at first glance might seem like an easy choice but in reality, is just a one-way financial transaction.

We offer another way. A way where you get something back for your money. Promotional products that not only meet your corporate needs but also reflect your willingness to support good causes. The choice of promotional products is wide and varied. From practical office necessities to stylish clothing pieces. Every product you order from us can be a step towards fulfilling legal quotas and supporting people with disabilities.

What’s the benefit for your company?

Replacement fulfillment is not just about meeting a legal obligation. It’s a chance to prove that your company thinks of others and wants to contribute to building a better society. All of this can be reflected in your marketing materials, which are the calling card of the company. It’s about showing that your company has not only business goals but also a social conscience. Secondly, you get products that you can actually use. Products that will expand awareness of your brand and at the same time allow you to feel good about helping others.

Summary of key points:

Social Responsibility: We help you express your company’s social commitment.
Marketing Reach: Your brand will get a new face thanks to quality promotional products.
Hassle-Free Quota Fulfillment: We take care of the administration associated with replacement fulfillment for you.

Let replacement fulfillment work for you. With us, you can handle it playfully, efficiently, and with the knowledge that you’re doing something meaningful.