Screen printing

Durable printing without differences

Screen printing is a traditional and frequently used technology for printing mainly on smooth textile. It is one of the highest quality and most durable printing we can offer. It consists in pressing the selected paint(s) through unobstructed spots of an image template (printing screen) straight into the structure of textile.

  • 1/ From 20 pieces
  • 2/ Everlasting print
  • 3/ Plenty of direct colours
  • 4/ Printing of effects

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Advantages of screen printing

The most significant advantage is undoubtedly high wear and tear endurance. Another one is the possibility of printing with a high number of direct colours. This technology includes plenty of various effects – among others, 3D, puff, reflective printing, glitter, which will make your textile stand out.

What kinds of textile is this technology suitable for?

T-shirts Polo shirts Shirts Sweatshirts Sport and fitness Cotton bags Workwear and gastronomy

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We have a very well-equipped sample room and we will be pleased to welcome you personally there and show you more than 2000 pieces of custom-made promotional textile and objects. You can try everything out and thus get a better picture of your end product.

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