Screen printing

Ancient art for modern advertising

When screen printing is mentioned, many of us imagine some old school of printing. But believe it or not, screen printing is still very much in the game and strongly at that! This traditional printing gangster still holds its own at the top due to its ability to print vibrant and durable designs on various materials – from t-shirts to ceramics. Moreover, it’s our favorite when we need to print in large quantities. Why? Because once we have the screens ready, further prints are a breeze!

Why is screen printing so great for advertising?

If you’re looking for a way to stir up the advertising smog and not let your brand sink into obscurity, screen printing is here for you. Who wouldn’t want to wear a stylish t-shirt or use a cool bag with your brand’s logo, which looks great even after hundreds of washes?

Know about screen printing?

Let’s get to the point Looking for prices? Quality? Reliability? You’ll find all of these with us! We are proud that over the past few years we have carried out hundreds of thousands of prints and gained vast experience. We understand that every customer is unique and has specific requirements. Therefore, we always strive to offer the best possible combination of price, quality, and service. We don’t want to burden you with long price lists and tables, we’d rather meet with you and discuss what we can do for you. So don’t hesitate and contact us!

When to opt for screen printing?

Screen printing is like a Swiss knife in the printing world – it’s a tool that fits a lot of situations. Wondering how to bring your brand to light during the upcoming music festival? Screen printed t-shirts for your fans will do the trick. Opening a cafe and want every customer to admire your logo on the mug while having coffee? Again – screen printing. Planning a corporate party and would like your brand to appear on bags, hats, or even umbrellas? You guessed it – screen printing is here for you.

So whenever you need a quality and durable print that radiates vibrant colors and can handle various materials, screen printing is the right choice. Whether it’s a large series of promotional t-shirts or creating unique, custom-made items, screen printing is the way to success.

  • 1/ Highest quality and durability
  • 2/ Cost-effective for large series
  • 3/ Flexibility of materials and surfaces
  • 4/ Intense and durable colors

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Beyond the Ordinary

Screen printing isn’t just about standard colors and prints – it’s also about the possibility to experiment and express your creativity with special techniques. If you want to create a 3D effect on your t-shirts, we can use a technique called ‘Puff‘ that gives the print a raised, blistered look. Do you like things that glow in the dark? No problem, with our glowing colors you can make your design truly unforgettable, whether it’s a concert t-shirt or a safety vest. Our wide range of special techniques allows you to truly stand out and make a lasting impression.

What kinds of textile is this technology suitable for?

T-shirts Polo shirts Shirts Hoodies Sport and fitness Cotton bags Work clothes Gastronomy Promotional items Ceramics Gift items Posters and pictures

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We have a very well-equipped sample room and we will be pleased to welcome you personally there and show you more than 2000 pieces of custom-made promotional textile and objects. You can try everything out and thus get a better picture of your end product.

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