Sublimated applique

Printing to the marrow of textile

Sublimated applique is mainly used for fullprinting of promotional textile (predominantly man-made fibres). Thus, you can easily get interesting company sports jerseys. It nicely merges with the selected fabric and looks elegant. We also offer a digital sublimated applique option.

  • 1/ Printing right into fabric
  • 2/ Permanent print
  • 3/ Application on man-made fibres
  • 4/ Fullprint option

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Advantages of sublimated applique

Motifs printed by sublimated applique have high resistance to wearing off in the wash, rubbing off or fading out (therefore suitable for sportswear). The print looks as if it has always been a part of the fabric.

What kinds of textile is this technology suitable for?

T-shirts Sweatshirts Sport and fitness Workwear and gastronomy

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