Embroidery and applique

Good old classic

Machine embroidery on textile is an absolute classic. We make embroideries in our own embroidery shops in the Czech Republic. Embroidery has its place where the simple print looks cheap or inappropriate (golf T-shirts, terry cloth…).

We will make an embroidery or applique according to your requirements and design. The price consists of a one-off fee for the embroidery program (you will pay once and then re-use it in your repeat orders for free) and the embroidery price itself. Obviously, the larger the motif, the higher the price will be. The higher price is, however, balanced by a very good impression of your embroidery which will impress your clients or business partners.


  • 1/ High quality and traditional technology
  • 2/ Get the feeling of luxury
  • 3/ Ideal technology for sport
  • 4/ Suitable for caps, sweatshirts or polo shirts

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Advantages of embroidery and applique

The big advantage is a limitless possibility of combinations with other applications (print, little stones). Machine washing or frequent wearing do not impact on our embroidery. Its good state lasts for a long time. We do not charge our clients for embroidery program in repeat orders.

What kinds of textile is this technology suitable for?

T-shirts Polo shirts Shirts Sweatshirts Bags Jackets Sport and fitness Shirts Underwear Terry cloth Hats and caps Fleece

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We have a very well-equipped sample room and we will be pleased to welcome you personally there and show you more than 2000 pieces of custom-made promotional textile and objects. You can try everything out and thus get a better picture of your end product.

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